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Are you a seasoned veteran or are you new to reenacting?

Do you want to know what its all about?

Most Civil War Reenactors share common bonds of a love of history and a desire to see others educated about the past.

New To Reenacting?

Why be a Civil War Reenactor?

Meet other people with similar interests

Become good friends with people you may never have known otherwise

Desire to learn and teach about American history

Honoring America’s heritage

Enjoy vintage firearms and military tactics

Socializing with friends and family

Enjoy Victorian clothing, music and dancing

Love outdoor camping and cooking

Leave the worries of electronics, modern life, and the workday behind for

a weekend.

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You don't need to know anything about reenacting to get started, and it costs you nothing to give it a try.  Simply contact us and then come visit with us at an event.


We welcome all who may be interested to contact us for more information regardless of race, creed or gender.

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Soldiers in our Company will gradually accumulate lots of "gear" while they develop their impression.  You don't need to know anything about this to start with.  We will help you acquire what you need, developing your impression over time.  The most affordable method is attending Reenacting events and buying used items from people selling their extra equipment.  Our Quartermaster Sargent has all the gear to outfit you as an Infantry Soldier.  If you love it as much as we do, you will start to gradually accumulate your gear on your own.

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Uniform and Equipment

Uniform                    Bayonet and scabbard

Shirt                         Cartridge pouch

Hat                           Cap box

Shoes                      Canteen


Camping Equipment

Tent                         Chair

Blanket                    Table

Candle lantern

Modern Camping items (kept inside your tent)



Sleeping bag

Pillow / blankets


Plastic totes to pack all this stuff in

Personal hygiene items

How do you know when to "die" in a battle?

17th Georgia 61B - Wounded.jpg
08 91.JPG

​​Reasons to "die" in a battle

​You have run out of ammunition and don't know what else to do

You just feel like it

You are tired and want to stop

You spy a nice soft patch of grass or really nice patch of shade and

     decide to take advantage of it

Your Commander tells you its time to take a hit

You are supposed to lose and the entire company decides to do a

     suicide charge and get it over with

Always look before you fall, ant beds, cactus and cow pies are bad places to "die".  Trust me on this...

That is probably the most asked question .  The answer is there really is not a right or wrong time.  Its all part of the fun.  Sometimes you "die" several times in a battle, sometimes, not at all.  Generally, the ultimate outcome of a battle is decided in advance.  If you are on the side that is supposed to lose that day, then you will either die, surrender or run away by the end of the battle.  You really don't have to worry about it, your Company Commander will let you know what to do.  If they want to start losing, they will ask some folks to "take some hits".

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