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Our History

Why the 37th Alabama and 7th Illinois?

That seems kind of random, but there are reasons. 

Our intent is portray the American Civil War, and Civil War Reenacting, in the Central Florida Area

The 37th Alabama Reenacting Company has been around for many years.  The original Captain of the Company had an ancestor who served in the 37th Alabama, so he naturally picked that for his unit.  We have continued with the name ever since.  The original Captain of our Company is now the General of the entire Brigade.  So that we can accurately represent a unit shooting Henry Rifles, we portray the 7th Illinois whenever we want or need to portray

​As people continue with the hobby year after year, they advance in rank and may eventually transfer to command staff outside the Company, making way for new members to rise in rank.  This has happened many times over the years such that there are no original founding members remaining in the company.


The 37th Alabama has reproductions of all three flags actually used by that unit during the War.  You haven't really lived until you have heard the Captain's Flag Presentation!  The 7th Illinois uses a beautiful handmade flag made by one of our members.  Do you want an entire history of the 37th Alabama or the 7th Illinois, or a recounting of the history of our Reenacting Company?  Then you you need to come spend and evening around a campfire with us and ask as many questions as you want.  See you there!

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